Exciting new products for MG, Austin Healey, Triumph & Mini in stock at the Classic Car Clinic

The Classic Car Clinic are proud to announce that their range of new parts for Classic Cars has extended. We now stock a range of gaskets, bearings and bushes for the MGA, MGB, and Mini.

Also added to our stock range are the ultimate in fast road / track day disc brake pads for both Midget and Sprite plus Triumph TR7, these Mintex 1144 pads have excellent braking qualities from cold and maintain this high efficiency right up to the highest demands of the road or track day user. You will NOT be disappointed…!

Also for the demanding driver we now stock a new range of ignition condensers and rotor buttons. These were developed by Swiftune in the UK for motor sport applications where electronic ignition systems are not permitted and regular failure of the original condensers were commonplace. Now these are used on many road cars with great success.

Coming soon into our stock is the World famed and highly successful Swiftune SW5-07 camshaft for all BMC / BL ‘A’ series engines.

“The SW5-07 is machined from custom steel billet!

The SW5 cam has been a huge success with thousands sold but development work has never stopped. The latest Swiftune SW5-07 camshaft was developed using Lotus Engineering’s latest valve train computer software to enhance the cam profile. Further gains in bhp and torque have come from using the latest CNC cam grinding technology to machine the SW5 cam to much closer tolerances which are so important to achieving the optimum dynamics of the cam profile. The same machine is grinding cams for Formula 1!

Machining the SW5-07 from custom steel billet ensures the highest quality steel is used and deeper surface hardening achieves the superb wear performance of a race camshaft.

The SW5-07 is the ideal road cam, below 5500rpm it produces more power than the 286 profile; On average you will spend 90 per cent of your road driving below 5500rpm.

Yet the SW5-07 produces well over 100bhp(1380cc. 1.5 ratio rockers, L3 head and twin HS4s). Thousands of SW5 cams have been sold for a huge range of engines from: 850cc to 1460cc, twin and single carburettor, standard and 1.5 ratio rockers, SPi and MPi injection, turbo and supercharged.


Order 1275 camshaft kit for: 1275cc, 1275 to 1460cc(A and A Plus), 1071cc,970cc engines

Order 998 camshaft kit for: 998cc, 1098cc, 997cc, 948cc, 850cc engines

Order MPi camshaft kit for: Multi Point Injection Minis from August 1996 to 2000

All camshaft kits will fit Mini and MG Midget engines variants of the specific engine size.

[The SW5-07 is Swiftune’s exclusive design and is not available from any other source]”

NEW Midget / Sprite front suspension wishbone arms (no more old reconditioned units…), these have been re-designed with a positive, direct and pressure holding lubrication system for the fulcrum pin and also an anti-twist support stability bracket to give a stronger arm more suited to Australian road conditions plus longer life. These will of course fit the Austin A30 / 35 / 40 (Farina) and Metropolitan

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