Classic car Redcliffe Breakfast

24 October 2010

What lovely weather to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Redcliffe Breakfast!

As a result of the Redcliffe Council disallowing us to book the usual BBQ site on Bramble Bay, this year’s Redcliffe Breakfast Run took a slightly different format.  It was still the annual meeting of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast MG Car Clubs as hosted by one of the last remaining Redcliffe Mafia families, Derek and June Haynes, but the venue was moved to the Brambles Bay Bowles Club overlooking the Bay!

So the annual Redcliffe breakfast celebrated its 16th birthday in grand style with around 18 attending from the Gold Coast Club and 30 attending from the Sunshine Coast Club.  Congratulations to the Sunshine Coast club for such a fantastic turnout on such a lovely Top-down day! Here’s hoping that the Gold Coast MG Car Club manages to match or beat your effort next year!

The cars looked splendid in the sunshine with representatives from the T Types, MGA’s, MGB’s, an MGC, MGF’s, MGTF’s and a RV8. Unfortunately, each club approached the Bowles Club from a different direction and subsequently parked in different parking areas from each other, so a group picture of cars and members was not taken to celebrate the event.

 Management from the Bramble Bay Bowles Club excelled with both the variety and quality of food on offer and it was difficult not to return for seconds…

Thank you, Derek and June, for organizing the event and ensuring the continuation of such a lovely tradition. After all the hard work behind the scenes, it was especially satisfying to see the members of both clubs mixing and enjoying a tall story together! Is the recipe ripe for starting a quiz competition of some kind between the Clubs?

Long may the Redcliffe Breakfast Live!

Dave Godwin


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