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Summer is now with us and besides this rain, we are starting to see some warmer temperatures. In my experience here so far, the cooling systems on all cars, not just classics, can struggle to keep the engine temperatures down within a safe operating temperature. We hold in stock auxiliary electric cooling fans to supplement the cooling effect of the engine’s original unit. These can be fitted and wired in on most cars within a day and you can carry on driving without the worry of a raising temperature gauge…. Other areas that are often neglected are the coolant hoses, the radiator and the coolant itself. Ask us when you next book you car in for service to have a look at these too, you’ll be surprised how much improvement can be made by keeping the fore mentioned in good order. For those of you with the MGF or TF…. Exciting news…! These cars have an inherent cylinder head gasket failure problem. Technology and development have come together and new thoughts on the design of the gasket have meant replacement units will give far more reliability albeit still with some uncertainty in some cases. The second most effective modification we’ve carried out on these engines, also connected to future head gasket failure (HGF) prevention, is to replace a part deep within the engine which holds in place the crankshaft bearings, and the cylinder head bolts tighten into. Not only does this give a better security for the head to block face pressure, it also stiffens up the cylinder block itself, giving a more smooth running engine. All the above are costly and should only be done when necessary, prevention of HGF is the most preferable course of action. We have just started to stock a WATER LEVEL SENSOR KIT. It is believed that this kit is probably the most important after-market product any MGF or TF driver can fit to their car. The kit is designed to alert the driver by buzzer and/or light to indicate low water level in the expansion tank (probably 9 times out of 10 the cause of head gasket failure). The last of the MG TF models had a similar system fitted as standard and we believe every MGF and TF should have one today….!

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