Classic Car Clinic Newsletter May 2011

Welcome to another of my ramblings. I’ve been with the Classic Car Clinic now for nearly 18 Months (how time flies) and in that time I have seen many things which appear particular problems to be found here in Australia. It wasn’t until I came here that I had ever come across MGBs with worn out thrust washers in the diffs, nor have I seen so many leaking brake cylinders or damaged brake hoses. We’ve covered these with free inspections in the past which some of you have taken advantage of. My main concern is for  your safety.  Don’t forget… we MAKE brake hoses and pipes to suit your car.. all are ADR42/04 compliant.

Prompted by the dark evenings and a situation we recently found with one of our cars, plus a couple of yours, our special offers this month are based on lighting and engine health.

I’d like to thank all of you who took the time to come and chat with Nick, Anita and myself at the recent Macleans Bridge at Lakeside event. We had a fantastic day, sadly, I think I only managed to see only a third of what was on display, but I’m told by others and from pictures I’ve seen so far, it was immense. I’m looking forward to, and am preparing for next year’s event already…!

David continues to compete with his MGA the ‘Birdcage’ and is enjoying a very successful season so far. Laurel is also back behind the wheel sharing the MGA this season.

Anita and I are taking a trip back to the UK for a holiday and to visit Midget 50  Sadly my MG Midget Pre Production model will not be ready to take. We also hope to talk to my Suplex contact to get up to date information on the latest MGF suspension replacements.


On the subject of the MGF, our coolant level sensor kits are selling well, one even coming into it’s own with a HGF. Swift action by the driver after hearing the alarm, turning the car off immediately, saved potential cylinder head destruction. $500.00 very well spent…!




With EVERY basic service booked with us between now and the end of May, we will carry out a FREE engine flush with Wurth Engine Flush. This product removes engine sludge often found in our older and less often used engines and also helps remove harmful varnishes left behind by older oils, freeing off sticky piston rings and rejuvenating compression pressures.

A clean engine is a healthy engine….

Typical costs for an average:

4 cylinder engine $160.00

6 cylinder engine $175.00

8 cylinder engine $185.00


Have you seen the light…?

On a recent evening drive home in our Triumph GT 6 ‘Hire me Classics’ car, I noticed that the brightness of the headlamps was not too good. The car is fitted with the original equipment Lucas ‘sealed beam’ type headlamps which when working correctly, give an adequate light. Wiring in our older cars can suffer with age, so can connections and earths. Recent studies have shown that fitting electrical relays into both the dip and main beam circuits will not only give a better current to the lights and therefore a stronger light intensity, but also save the headlight and dipper switches from burning contacts each time they are operated.

We’d like to offer all our clients the opportunity of this lighting improvement. To encourage this, we have negotiated an excellent deal with our suppliers on materials. This discount will be passed onto the first 10 clients booking for this work to be done. This offer starts today and finishes 31st May.

Enjoy some wonderful motoring and look out for future events at the Classic Car Clinic. A date for your diary is the 22nd July when we will be having a talk from Queensland Police and hopefully a representative from Queensland Transport.


Mark T Boldry


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