Special lever arm Damper Oil “”” Special Offer “”” :-)

I’m a Yorkshireman and love to ‘do a deal’… When asked by Penrite Oils recently if I’d be interested in buying their remaining stock of ‘Shocker Oil number 2’ (as one of their stronger buyers of the product), I could hardly resist… Knowing as I do that a lot of you with cars running the original type ‘Armstrong’ ‘Lever Arm’ like to do some ‘tinkering’ on your cars, I’m in a position to offer you a very special, one off deal…. Penrite Shocker Oil number 2 (for Lever Arm type dampers) 1 Litre container for ONLY $7.25 (normal price $10.82) inc GST only whilst stock lasts…!
Lever arm dampers require regular topping up to work at their best, when did you last do yours…?

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