Your brake lights….!

On accepting your vehicle in to the workshop for a Service, the first thing we check is the lighting system. It’s not unusual for us to find the occasional defective parking light or even headlight, but it’s not uncommon for us to find faulty or inoperative brake lights.

Driving East in the morning and West in the evening at this time of year, the Sun is VERY low in the sky, this make visibility at times extremely difficult.

Following a vehicle this morning with ‘faulty’ brake lights prompted me to encourage each and every one of you to ensure that your vehicles brake lights work correctly.

There are some vehicles fitted with hydraulic brake light switches, most of these are now Chinese made and are of very poor quality, they can last as little as a matter of a few days from fitting. The brake lights MUST operate with a ‘gentle press’ of the brake pedal, if they only work with a ‘firm push’, then the switch is faulty (think how often you apply your brake lightly and how often you press the pedal hard…).

Be SEEN – Be SAFE… Check YOUR Brake Lights..

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