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Does your classic car need auto electrical repairs? Then you’ve landed on the right page. The Classic Car Clinic are leaders in classic car auto electrical repairs on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Whether your beloved classic has a battery, alternator, starter problem, or a problem with another electrical component, our experienced auto electricians can help.

Poor wiring is a fire hazard and should not be overlooked. We draw on extensive experience and skills to ensure this is correctly applied. All auto-electrical repairs work undertaken at the Classic Car Clinic on the Gold coast is done by experienced technicians. Wiring harness changes to simple bulb (globe) replacement can all be carried out.

We carry a selection of replacement dynamos, alternators, regulator boxes and starter motors, which are available on an exchange basis. Existing parts can be refurbished at reasonable rates; all carried out through reputable and skilled suppliers. We also stock electronic distributors for most BMC and Ford / Lotus applications, or we can convert your original unit.

For classic car auto electrical repairs on the Gold Coast, give the team at the Classic Car Clinic a call. Our experienced auto electricians will be able to fix your cars battery, alternator, or starter motor problems.

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