Classic Car Engine Tuning Gold Coast and Brisbane

A common misconception with regard to car engine tuning is that the carburettors go ‘out of tune’ with the engine. This is generally not the case, however the engine does go out of tune with the carburettors!

Here at the Classic Car Clinic located on the Gold Coast, we have the knowledge and experience to set up the engine and carburettors, be they SUs or Weber, Strombergs or Carter, we will tune to give the best available from your particular set up.

Car Tuning – Ignition Systems

Ignition systems also play a big part in economy and performance of your engine, a worn or badly maintained distributor can cause so many problems.

We offer the skill and know-how to rebuild and tune the distributor in your car to give its optimum performance. We also carry in stock replacement 25d and 45d Lucas type distributors fitted with Electronic Ignition which is a direct replacement for your original unit. These units will give a more reliable engine start up and can help to achieve a better fuel economy.

Renovo Convertible Car Care

Renovo Car CareJust used your RENOVO Canvas Cleaner, RENOVO Reviver and Ultra Proofer over Easter 2013 on my 2006 Mazda MX-5 NC. I was BLOWN away! Totally like a new soft top. The fading and white patches which was on the soft top magically disappeared after treatment. Read more...
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