Classic Car Servicing Gold Coast & Brisbane

Vintage, Historic and Classic motor cars all require regular servicing. The service consists of various things that during a period of time, show wear and tear.  Oil and oil filter are changed, gearbox oil level checked or the oil changed, likewise with the axle. Other fluids that receive attention are the coolant and brake / clutch fluids. A visual inspection of the brake shoes or brake pads and corresponding drum or disc is also done. Lights checked and bulbs (globes) replaced as required, tyre pressures checked and adjusted. Battery levels are checked and topped up with electrolyte if required, terminals are also checked for cleanliness. Adjustments are made to tappets and the entire condition of the vehicle observed. Any points of concern are noted and pointed out to the client and the severity advised upon.

Regular maintenance is very important, keeping suspension and steering joints well lubricated and greased, in fact the older the vehicle, the more grease nipples there are to attend to. At the Classic Car Clinic we can gain access to all the greasing points on your car and at the same time, inspect brakes and suspension systems for wear or damage. It is not unknown for us to spot a potentially fatal component on a vehicle whilst carrying out a routine servic!

Another point that the classic car owner may loose sight of is the need to service or lubricate these vehicles on a far more regular basis than the modern car with service intervals of up to 12 months in some cases. For example, did you know that for an MGB the gearbox oil should be checked every 6000 miles and changed every 12000 miles?  Your steering rack or box should be topped up every 6000 miles? Brake fluid should be renewed every 2 years? These figures apply to most if not all classics, not just the MGB illustrated.

We always use engine oils with the correct levels of ZDDP, a most important consistent in any classic engine oil for maximum wear protection. Modern engine oils must NOT be used in classic engines.

All in all, we are looking for reliability of the vehicle. For all classic car servicing needs on the Gold Coast contact the team for an obligation free estimate!

Renovo Convertible Car Care

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