Classic Car Carb Engine, Gearbox & Axle Rebuilds Gold Coast and Brisbane

Are you looking for an experienced mechanic to work on your classic car’s engine, gearbox, or axle rebuild? Classic Car Clinic is the home to the Gold Coast’s leading classic car mechanics.

With over 100 years of combined experience repairing and rebuilding classic cars of all makes, we have the knowledge and capacity to complete any engine, gearbox, or axle rebuild on the Gold Coast, no matter how complex it may be. And, no matter how difficult the parts may be to source!

Our experience in the classic car industry places us in a unique position. We have an extensive network of resource at our fingertips. This network, combined with our team’s collective engineering¬†skills, allows us to confidently offer a full rebuild service for both road and competition use.

For classic cars engine, gearbox, and axle rebuilds on the Gold Coast, give the team at the Classic Car Clinic a call. We are happy to consider any make and model of vehicle. We have comprehensive machining facilities available to us to assist with any work you may require.

Classic Car Axle Rebuilds Gold Coast
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