Classic car regular maintenance

Reliability from your classic car is achieved in various ways, the two most important are regular maintenance and regular use, the latter is self-explanatory, the more you use your car the more every component is ‘worked’ and will not corrode, seize or perish through standing. Fuel systems will also give rise to problems if not kept in regular use with the key constituents of the fuel evaporating and leaving the residue to block up fuel pumps, fuel filters and carburettor jets.

Cooling systems are another troublesome area if not used regularly. Radiators corrode and ultimately leak, engine core plugs corrode and can pop out, water pumps will start to leak once turned after a lay up period and finally (and possibly most importantly) corrosion and debris usually carried in suspension in the cooling system will settle and the build up of sludge and silt will cause overheating problems, with the consequences potentially far more serious.  It goes without saying that here at the Classic Car Clinic we have encountered all these problems in the past, we can of course cater for any eventuality should any of the above effect your vehicle.

Regular maintenance is very important, keeping suspension and steering joints well lubricated and greased, in fact the older the vehicle, the more grease nipples there are to attend to. At the Classic Car Clinic we can gain access to all the greasing points on your car and at the same time, inspect brakes and suspension systems for wear or damage. It is not unknown for us to spot a potentially fatal component on a vehicle whilst carrying out a routine service…!

Another point that the classic car owner may loose sight of is the need to service or lubricate these vehicles on a far more regular basis than the modern car with service intervals of up to 12 months in some cases. For example, did you know that for an MGB the gearbox oil should be checked every 6000 miles and changed every 12000 miles?  Your steering rack or box should be topped up every 6000 miles? Brake fluid should be renewed every 2 years…..? These figures apply to most if not all classics, not just the MGB illustrated.

We always use engine oils with the correct levels of ZDDP, a most important consistent in any classic engine oil for maximum wear protection. Modern engine oils must NOT be used in classic engines.

Renovo Convertible Car Care

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