Classic Car Spare Parts (Sourcing) Gold Coast and Brisbane

Are you struggling to find spare parts for your classic car? Then turn to the Classic Car Clinic! Our familiarity with the classic car industry places us in a unique position to be able to source hard-to-find spare parts for classic cars of all makes and ages.

We stock an extensive range of classic car spare parts, both new, refurbished and used, many of which are now hard to purchase. We also have a vast network of suppliers across the globe with whom we are in regular contact. Knowing who to contact and what to correctly order is key to ensuring the job is done right with minimum delay.

We do not sell parts alone. However, we are happy for owners to buy spare parts for classic car repair jobs and projects we are managing. We can provide guidance to ensure the correct parts with the right specs are sourced.

Find the perfect parts for your classic car repair with the Gold Coast’s best classic car workshop, Classic Car Clinic. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can be of assistance.

Classic Car Spare Parts Gold Coast
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